UMC Architects offer considerable expertise and lead-designer services to support the manufacturing industry. Through experience, we recognise that the process is key and our challenge is to grasp how it works and the associated constraints, such that we can design an effective envelope to support the optimal internal environment.

An integrated team approach is essential to the design of manufacturing facilities. From the outset of every project, we recommend that workshops be held with all stakeholders, which may include different client parties, process engineers, equipment suppliers and other design consultants. Focus should be given to the process and associated equipment, it’s size, maintenance space and operating temperature requirements.

Key Considerations:

  • Plan dimensions, height and weight of all process equipment.
  • Flexibility requirements to adapt to future changes or expansion in process.
  • Programming requirements to meet production targets dictated by customers.
  • Environmental strategy to minimise energy consumption and make use of excess heat.
  • Safety and welfare of all occupants.

As lead-designer, we work very closely with the client/project manager, helping to steer the design forward. It is important to understand the timing of equipment design and procurement and to plan when decisions must be made, so that the programme can be maintained. It may be that the design needs to accommodate flexibility to cope with different process solutions.