UMC Architects are involved in projects from inception through to completion on site; this complete service is where we bring significant benefits to a project. Our technical expertise at the detailed design stage of a project means that the client is getting the best most efficient and effective design solutions.

UMC Architects have considerable expertise in delivering detailed design on all scales of project, both with traditional contracts and design & build procurement. Our particular skill is in the area of Industrial design; we will seek to understand the operation or process of a particular facility at which ever stage the project is at. It is important that the detailed design carries through the design criteria which is often set at the initial stages of a project.

Our technical team follow a very proactive approach working closely with the design team and with all stakeholders to generate excellently detailed building solutions. We would usually expect to consider the following design aspects when developing the detailed design:

  • Fire Strategy
  • Acoustic performance
  • Energy performance targets such as BREEAM
  • Accessibility
  • Insurers requirements
  • Highway access
  • Building Regulations
  • Planning Conditions

Across all of our market sectors we feel it is highly important to encourage collaborative working and wherever possible we promote the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). BIM is particularly effective with complex Industrial projects where the process design is usually designed in three dimensions and our building model can effectively be built around the process.