Our architects have masterplanned over 20,000 acres of land across the UK, mainland Europe and the Middle East, covering industrial, commercial and mixed land uses. We offer a highly-proactive service, engaging with our clients closely, such that their aspirations can be reflected in the final adopted plan.

Many of our projects start as a masterplan, being the first design output when looking at a new site. Our priority is to fully understand the site constraints such that we make the most of the available land, to maximise development potential. These constraints can be extensive, depending on the location, often involving physical, environmental, ecological, legislative or highway-related factors.

Masterplanning transcends all of our sectors, frequently involving large sites, where we may have to consider a single development requirement, but must take account of the residual land balance. In addition, there is often the integration of rail-head connections, or other multi-modal transport links to address.

We offer a staged approach, depending on the purpose required of the output. Often a simple sketch will provide a client with a very quick understanding of the potential of a site, or whether it is able to efficiently accommodate a specific requirement. This keeps the plan fluid at a time when the scheme is embryonic and many options can be interrogated and sustainable solutions incorporated. From this stage, the preferred plan can be established and developed into a presentation drawing, to support a bid, or to use for other purposes such as planning dialogue. We use contemporary software, with full colour and 3d technologies wherever possible, in order to generate a high-quality output.